Bacon County, Georgia possesses a capable and primarily non-union labor force with strong and loyal work ethics. Bacon County’s population is estimated at 11,372 as of 2016, a 2.5% growth rate since the 2010 census. The county’s population in 2025 is projected to be 12,518. Currently, the median age of Bacon County residents is 37.1, and nearly 59% of the population is within the prime working age ranges.

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Labor Pool

The county is fortunate to have access to an expanded labor pool from the neighboring counties of Appling, Coffee, Jeff Davis, Pierce and Ware, that collectively form our labor-shed area. This six-county labor shed area translates into a labor pool of 62,000 workers for industries that locate in Bacon County.

Bacon County 4,918 4,655 262 5.3% $708
Draw Area
(20-30 minute commute)
61,923 58,329 3,594 5.8% $683
Draw Area
(30-50 minute commute)
134,759 126,164 8,595 6.6% $666
Georgia 4,920,464 4,656,255 264,209 5.4% $993
Source: Georgia Department of Labor Area Labor Profiles, 2016

Education & Training

More than 75% of Bacon County’s workforce holds a high school diploma or higher. Continued educational opportunities are easily accessible:

Coastal Pines Technical College offers more than 140 associate degree, diploma and certificate programs, and graduates enjoy a 98% job placement rate.

New and expanding businesses in Bacon County may qualify for free pre- and post-employment training for employees through Georgia’s Quick Start program, consistently recognized in the top three of training programs in the U.S. Quick Start provides training space, instructors and all materials related to the company’s customized program, potentially saving companies hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in training costs. Locally, Quick Start is administered by Coastal Pines Technical College, which has a satellite campus in Alma.

Age Demographics

Median age: 37.1
<age 20: 27.4%
Under age 5 6.2%
Ages 5-9 6.8%
Ages 10-14 7.3%
Ages 15-19 7.1%
age 20-64: 58.6%
Ages 20-24 7.2%
Ages 25-34 11.8%
Ages 35-44 13.6%
Ages 45-54 13.0%
Ages 55-59 6.6%
Ages 60-64 6.4%
>age 65: 14.0%
Ages 65-74 8.4%
Ages 75-85 4.0%
Age 85 and older 1.6%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2015

Commuting Patterns

Most Bacon County workers live and work within the county: 2,852. Another 926 commute into Bacon County from surrounding counties. Only 1,343 Bacon County residents commute to another county for work.

Youth Apprenticeship

In addition to Georgia Quick Start, employers may choose to grow their own talent with the help of Georgia's Youth Apprenticeship, a work-based learning program offered to eligible high school and College and Career Academy students, administered by the Georgia Department of Education. The program enables students to receive a high school diploma, industry-specific training, and postsecondary certificate or diploma upon graduation.